Romuald was born and raised in Geneva, alongside his mother who introduced him, while still young, the music of Boris Vian, Aznavour, Mike Brant.


At 17, he was spotted by a casting director, who invited him to become a model.


It is difficult to break into this business if you do not live in a great capital of fashion. Yet Romuald became a first name quickly: castings in Paris and Milan fashion (clothes, glasses, fashion catalog, TV ads). His good looks and elegant stature began to catch eyes.


Unfortunately, it was at this time that fate struck when her modeling career started taking off. A degenerative eye disease begins to make him blind. For this boy of 20 years, a bright future in spotlights begins to evaporate away little by little.


During his many hospital stays for ophthalmic surgery, he began to write song lyrics. His eyesight diminishing day by day, he understood that his modeling career will not be possible. How to take photos or walk down a cat walk, when he could no longer distinguish what was around him?


Since a young age, Romuald loved to sing.  He thought: "Why not becomes a singer?" It remained to find a composer to put his lyrics to music. For him the light comes from within, and this light is music. Romuald begins taking singing lessons. He has a pretty little voice that needs to be developed. In 2003, he won first prize in singing competition during the live broadcast "It's My Choice" on France 3, where he played a song by Julien Clerc. The presenter, Evelyn Thomas, and viewers were captivated by this brave and talented young man.


The same year, his dream came true at last, when released his first album "The day has come back," in which he tells his disability through his voice, his tears and emotions, with music by Gaëtan Cruchet. It would be followed by "Blue", a second title, which he sings of his desire for freedom and escape into a world he would like best. Then "Elle", a musical tribute paid to his mother who left this world too soon.


His musical style is inspired by French variety, which he loves, but also has an electronic style. A new title "Talk to Me" came out in early 2005, where he sings and dreams of an ideal love. His lyrics are autobiographical, reflecting his career and his hopes.


For the first time, Romuald interprets the texts of other authors, Colette Mercier Dubreu and Matthew, with music by Celine Démoulin (encountered in the program "It's My Choice") with a great title "Although" that speaks of strength, courage and optimism about life and its trials. Romuald adds in addition to interpreting his own texts, he wants to open to the talents of others.


He also appears for the first time in public, performing his songs at the Trianon Theatre in Paris, under the leadership of Jacques Marouani, who identifies him as a true talent.


Then comes a meeting with Gilbert Montagné, which marked a turning point in his career and his life as a man. Supported and advised by the blind vocalist, they fast became friends. Gilbert helped him a lot to better accept his disability. It was he who gave Romuald his first course of using a white cane in the streets of Paris.


During 2006, Romuald releases a new title, "I wet dream", with a new style of music that is more rhythmic and dancy. The lyrics are sensual and sexy, describing his fantasies and desires.

Subsequently, Romuald occurs in various television shows in Switzerland and in France.


In 2011, a new challenge for Romuald: to conquer the Chinese market, he had translated two of his titles into Mandarin: "The day has come back" and "Blue." Being fascinated by China, its language, culture and history, little by little, Romuald is learning Mandarin.


His greatest dream is to pursue a career in China and live in a big metropolis like Shanghai, Beijing or Hong Kong.


Hopefully, 2013, the year of  Snake, will bring him luck and happiness.


Christian Richard